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Has becoming a pilot been a dream of your’s, if so the first step is to experience our discovery flight. This is not just a joy ride it is designed to give you a real look into what it feels like to be a pilot. Before the flight you will be able to see behind the scenes how we operate the flight school and you will receive a brief lesson on the aerodynamics of flying. Then the real fun begins with the flying, once our instructor has the airplane at a safe altitude your instructor will let you take the controls with him and actually fly the airplane. The time you spend with our instructor flying will count towards the hours required to earn your pilots license. We have two different types airplanes we use for our discovery flights each airplane can be used for private pilot training and the Tecnam LSA can be used for sport pilot training.

Cessna 172SP G1000 ( Private Pilot training only)………………………$169.00

Discovery Flight