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Student Records
Aviator Air LLC, will keep all student flies for the required 3 years after completion of training and during that time, they will be available to students upon request placed with the office manager.

Student Materials
Aviator Air LLC maintains a full stocked inventory of all your aviation needs at a very fair prices, in our pilot shop. We make it our duty to find out the best pilot equipment, study aides, aircraft manuals, operating handbooks, charts and other resources.

Weather Planning Stations
We have a weather brief room and computer for our pilots that is open 24hrs. This station is equipped with aviation weather, maps, charts and other resources.

Renter’s Insurance
There are many resources for renter insurance, I have listed two below that we recommend. We will accept others as long as they meet the requirements. Coverage should be $20,000

Avemco Insurance 1-888-241–7891 – www.avemco.com
Aopa Insurance 1-800-622-2672 – insurance.aopa.org

Aviation Medical Examiners
To hold a Private Pilot license and above you are required to pass a medical exam by an approved aviation medical examiner. We have listed a few for our area for more examiners please visit www.faa.gov

David Gouldy
24154 Matlock Rd, Arlington,

Bobby Smith
600 W Park Row Dr., Arlington,

James Alamnd
200 N. Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie,

Charles R Cook
1701 Forest Ridge Dr., Bedford,

Pilot Finance Inc.
Pilot Finance, Inc. is a private company that provides student loans for pilots to use to fund the cost of training from Private Pilot to ATP ratings. A privately owned company, Pilot Finance, Inc. was started in early 1999 by experienced finance professionals, who loved flying. Flight training financing is the only thing they do. Their programs give students the oppurtunity to earn their wings with affordable, level monthly payments.

Visit www.pilotfinance.com for more information or to apply for a loan.​

Student Resources